10 Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Chennai with Job Placement

Digital Marketing has tremendously gained a wide response from every part of the world and each business started relying on digital marketing to promote its business. This is one of the main reasons why there are numerous training institutes in Chennai offering digital marketing courses. If you are searching for the best digital marketing training institute in Chennai, it will be a little confusing to analyze all the institutes and find the best.

 The need of the hour is to gain knowledge of digital marketing. Since this is the blooming period for digital marketing you can firmly make a decision to start a career in this field. Since the demand for experts is really high, you can get a better position in the market. So it is highly recommended to get trained yourself in any of the digital marketing courses.

 So, it is clear that to get yourself expertized in the field of digital marketing you need to enroll yourself in any of the digital marketing institutes. In this article, let us go through the popular digital marketing training institutes in Chennai that can deliver you the perfect training in all the aspects of the course.

Essential Tips to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Institute in Chennai

Before you enroll yourself in the digital marketing course make sure that you have a pure passion for marketing since the whole process is all about marketing and one should have basic marketing skills to shine in this field. As digital marketing is the advanced and smart version of traditional marketing, one should be familiar with the term. If not then it will be a little complicated to understand the course.

Now let us share a few tips that you need to concentrate before you get into the course.

  • Be clear about the purpose you want to get into this course.
  • Get to know the standard of the curriculum and the experience of the mentors.
  • Focus more on the course content and make sure it is updated with the current trends.
  • Confirm that the certification provided is industry-recognized.
  • Analyze the history of the institute and try to go through their google reviews and know more about them.
  • The institute should take responsibility for the placements and Internships
  • Compare the Digital Marketing Course Fee Structure for Various Modules

Courseinn Academy – 3 Months Internship Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

Courseinn Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

Courseinn Academy offers an exclusive Digital Marketing Course in Chennai. Through our hands-on training, all learners will get an easy understanding of the implementation of the advanced digital marketing tools and will get a clear exposure to the digital market. They will understand in creating and managing the marketing campaign.

Courseinn has established his advanced technical training in all IT related platforms for more than a decade. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of all the concepts through the expertized training provided by our skilled domain experts who has more than 10 years of experience in the same domain. Students can also avail online classes with flexible timings. People from anywhere in the world can get certified through our online classes.

Courseinn Academy extends its hand ahead of training and assures the candidates for their placement in the topmost corporate companies. Candidates who successfully complete the course will be eligible for the globally accepted certificate.

Courseinn Digital Marketing Course Features
  • 35+ Modules Covered
  • Globally Recognized 12+ Digital Marketing Certifications
  • Agency Experience
  • 3 month Internships offered
  • 100% Job Placement 
  • 4.9 Rating from Students
  • 3 Month Course Duration
  • Post Training Support

Pro Digital Marketing Courses – Industry endorsed Digital Marketing Training in Chennai

This is the perfect time to wash our hands from traditional marketing and to sign into digital marketing. The whole world is getting digitized. People are easily connected in this digital world through various platforms. There is a wide demand to promote a product or a service in digital channels. By understanding the real requirements and demands PDMC has come out with innovative digital marketing training in Chennai.

People who enroll in this course will be transformed into digital marketing experts. They can even be a non-technical person; they will get a simple and clear understanding of all the concepts and modules involved in digital marketing. Every candidate is eligible for internship programs through which they can sharpen their marketing skills and prove them to this digital market. There is no compromise in the quality of training. The curriculum is well-framed to get matched with the current industry requirements.

PDMC Digital Marketing Course Features
  • 30+ Modules Covered
  • Live Project Experience
  • 8+ Certification offered
  • 100% Job Placement 
  • 45 Days Course Duration

Digital Vidya – Asia’s leading Digital Marketing Training Company

Digital Vidya is a well-known professional training company that enhances the marketing skills of any individual or organization. Digital Vidya has the privilege to be the official training partner of Google & Microsoft India. It also owns the partnerships with many leading Global Social Media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, NASSCOM and Vskills.

Are you still in search for the best digital marketing course in Chennai? You may not worry about your location or your educational qualification or any other aspects that you think to be essential to join the course. Even if you are not residing in Chennai it doesn’t matter. You can register yourself in our dedicated upcoming instructor-led, online Digital Marketing Master Certification (CDMM) course. You will learn how to market your product or service in this digital era through our CDMM program.

Digital Vidya Digital Marketing Course Features
  • 44 Modules Covered
  • Live Project Experience
  • 15 + Certification offered
  • 100% Job Placement 
  • 100 Hours Course Duration

Besant Technologies – Professional Digital Marketing Training in Chennai

Besant Technologies has set a milestone in the IT Software Training sector. It is a highly reputed training institute in Chennai. It is also a division of Bdreamz.com and holds several branches around Chennai and Bangalore. It holds the perfect ambiance to get trained. The skilled mentors will get you to understand the essence of digital marketing and will help you to enter the field of digital marketing.

Besant Technologies is well-known for its professional and skillful mentors who are expertized in training the candidates with real-time projects and transform them into digital experts. To get the Best Digital Marketing Training in Chennai you need to just step into Besant technologies. By gaining perfect hands-on training you will be proficient to implement all the digital marketing tactics and can promote your business to the next level. This will also help you get placed in the leading corporate companies as you have enough work experience with the real-time projects. Your dream of starting your career in the field of digital marketing will come true with the help of Besant technologies.

Besant Technologies Digital Marketing Course Features
  • 14 Modules Covered
  • Live Project Experience
  • 9 + Branches available
  • 7+ Years of Experience.
  • 40 Hours Course Duration

Digital Scholar – Agency based Digital Marketing Training in Chennai

Digital Scholar will guide you in developing your overall skill set and will make you go forward in your career. By sharing your knowledge on digital marketing with your business marketing team you can achieve your sales and revenue targets easily. You can see yourself growing in various aspects as you have trained yourself with the latest marketing skills.

The curriculum contains all the 12 important modules of Digital Marketing and you will not miss any of the modules as each and every module has its own importance in promoting your business online. If you get specialized in all the aspect you can easily become a perfect Digital Marketer.

Since the knowledge should be current dated one, we pay more importance in reviving the curriculum often to meet out the latest industry demands. By undergoing the course you will get the perfect 3600 knowledge about digital marketing. You will understand the real power of branding and the importance of a marketing strategy to promote the business.

Digitalsholar Digital Marketing Training Features:
  • 12 Modules Covered
  • Event Style Training
  • 12+ Certification offered
  • Agency Experience
  • 3 Month Course Duration

Digital Academy 360 – Best Digital Learning Digital Marketing Institute in Chennai

Digital Academy 360 was established in the year 2015, having its head office located in Bangalore. Digital Academy 360 provides the digital marketing course in Chennai that encompasses the range of disciplines. You will get access to high quality of e-learning content and all other resources will help you to master the complete marketing skillset. By taking the course with Digital Academy 360 you will become more competent in planning, managing and executing multi-channel campaigns.

Digital Academy 360 offering Digital Marketing that trains you more on inbound marketing, paid marketing, social media marketing, and web analytics. You will also be exposed to 40+ digital marketing tools that will give you extensive project experience and make you fit for the right job. There are enormous job opportunities are waiting for digital marketing professionals so this is the high time to get yourself trained and enhance your career growth.

Digital Academy 360 Digital Marketing Course Features:
  • 6 Modules Covered
  • Work on Real Time Projects
  • 100% Guaranteed Placements
  • 15+ Centers in India
  • 40 Hours Course Duration

FITA Academy & Infinix – Professional Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

The prime objectives for anyone who wants to join a digital marketing course would be a brand promotion, then to increase the traffic for the website that ultimately increases the sales. FITA Academy is a Pioneer in Training and Placement field. If you want to get the best digital marketing training in Chennai then you can simply trust the FITA academy. We assure you in shaping your online marketing goals. By succeeding this course you will be able to manage your own marketing strategy that will get you better ROI in all aspects

FITA offers an excellent digital marketing course in Chennai that can upgrade the learners on what the current industry demands. The course is framed in such a way that the learners who can be even a non-technical person, can easily understand the concept through the training given by the domain experts.

This course doesn’t require any prerequisite from the learners. Anyone from different backgrounds can get into the course and be benefited. By completing the course you will be eligible to receive the industry acknowledged certifications.

Fita Digital Marketing Training Course Features:
  • 11 Modules Covered
  • Smaller batches
  • Post Training Support
  • 3+ Centers in Tamil Nadu
  • 60 Hours Course Duration

Inventateq – Job Oriented Digital Marketing Institute in Chennai

Inventateq is a reliable online Marketing technology company that mainly provides job training that is related to all online marketing techniques. Through this training, you will understand the various strategies like keyword analysis, content marketing, and promotion through social media platforms, campaign management and many more. It is very clear that there is a huge demand for digital marketing professionals in this digital age so this is the right time to get trained in Digital Marketing with Inventateq.

The main objective of Inventateq’s Digital marketing training is to get its candidates to be placed in the topmost companies. So special attention is given on hands-on training only through which the candidates will get a clear understanding of how to implement the marketing tools effectively. This will help them to dwell in their workplace.

Inventateq Digital Marketing Training Course Features:
  • 30+  Modules Covered
  • Practicing on Live Digital Marketing Projects
  • 11 Industry Recognized Certifications
  • 12+ Centers in India
  • 45 to 50 Hours Course Duration

Zuan Education & DMC – Digital Marketing Course by Industry Experts

Zuan Education and DMC are the training partners of Zuan Technologies. Zuan Technologies is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Chennai. Here we provide practical training with guaranteed placement assistance. Our dedicated placement team will take care of your placement. Our technical experts will make you understand all the modules of Digital marketing is a very easy manner. You will get to access all real-time projects and you will implement the concepts that you have learned in this course. Finally, we will tune you as an expert in the field of digital marketing.

Just in 45 Days, you will become an expert and now you are the one who is most needed by all companies who have planned to transform their business digitally. Once you successfully completed the course Zuan Education will provide you a premium certification that is widely accepted by most of the firms

Zuan Education Digital Marketing Course Features:
  • 31 Modules Covered
  • Industry Expert Faculty
  • 6+ Google Certifications
  • Live Individual Project Training
  • 80 Hours Course Duration

Skartecedu – Learn Digital Marketing From An Expert & Strategist!

SKARTEC is the only digital marketing training institute in Chennai that delivers various course levels that suit different student needs. Each level, of course, is well-framed to meet the specified objective of the training that is highly required by each student level. Students can select the course according to their requirements. If you are already a marketing professional and want to be trained on SEO and Social media alone then you can select the relevant course. So it is perfectly tailor-made for every student.

With Skartecedu, you will experience a perfect transformation from being a fresher to an expert. You can enjoy 100+ hours of instructor-led technical training that includes hands-on training on all real-time projects. Every course will start from the basic level and then to intermediate and finally to expert-level content. Each and every area of Digital marketing is highly focused and concentrated. So you can be a fresher but still, you will understand the course easily.

Skartecedu Digital Marketing Course Features
  • 14+ Modules Covered
  • Industry Expert Trainer
  • 5+ Google Certifications
  • Live Project Training
  • 100+ Hours Course Duration

Plan To Do Digital Marketing Course from Scratch

This perfect guide and listing will really guide you to select the reliable Digital marketing training institution in Chennai.

Apart from other training institutes are you planning to do a digital marketing course from scratch? Then I can help you. I am a professional Digital Marketing trainer and consultant. And I work on behalf of our company mainly to widen the business growth and to leverage their online visibility. Having the real determination of upgrading my skills and knowledge, I always make ways to get myself updated with all the latest technologies and marketing trends.

I tend to promote my clients’ business through unique digital marketing tactics and will help them in analyzing their investments and will make sure that they will get a good return on investment. Every start-up can get their marketing solutions.

  • Expert in Project Development and management
  • Well experienced in the field of SEO, SEM, PPC, and Social Media
  • More knowledge in Data analytics
  • Good at Tracking & A/B Testing
  • Skilled in Marketing, Web, and Analytics

Contact Me – For Digital Marketing Training or Project Consultation through  Email – iyappankalimuthu.dm@gmail.com


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