How to Choose the Right Front End Development Technology for your Website?

Should you use HTML or WordPress or wix or Angular? Can your forms be validated heedfully using javascript? Which front end technology can you use to make the interface user-friendly? Perplexed with these questions squirming around your head? As technology grows, the choice of selecting the best front end tool for your website also widens leaving us in oscillation. As a company’s director or a consultant or a web designer, you will be in a position to pick a best front end tool to design the website.

Aren’t you?

No worries, this article will help you make your decision.

Front End Development Technology

Identify the Need for the website

As a designer, initially grasp the client requirements, the purpose of the website and, about the end users who will access the website. The reason behind this analysis is that each front end tool will serve you differently. For instance, if your


Speed is the essence and the major criterion to be taken care of while you choose your front end tool. The tool which you prefer should let you build websites in days or weeks. It should also let the end users dive into the web pages within a fraction of seconds.

Higher productivity

When there is a cross-team collaboration, spontaneously, productivity increases. Do you wonder how it happens? Let us take a typical case when the tool which you use to build the front end for the website does not depend on the back end code, the front end and back end developers can work independently and can engender higher productivity to the organization.

Both the front end and the back end developers can work on the same design independently without interrupting other work. So, wisely choose the tool which can be designed and implemented solitarily.


As a web developer, you should be concerned about the security of the data. You may design a website for a banking organization where security of the customer’s profile and account information plays a major role. The above scenario depicts the purpose of the security of customer’s data since there may be front end vulnerabilities. Choose the framework and services which has built-in protection against these attacks.

Long term vendor support

Dissect whether the technology you have chosen has a long term vendor support. Angular is from Google and React is from Facebook. Obviously, this means that you can always believe these technologies as Google and Facebook will not drop their support all of a sudden. Larger the community, there is a wider chance that they will stick around for some more time.

Scalability and flexibility

Make sure your front end technology which you choose is scalable when the data increases. Check if the tool has an API to be more flexible and transferrable (to other devices or technology). In near future, if you want to develop a mobile application or desktop application for your website, you need to transfer your data from your website. Ensure that your technology paves the way for flexibility.

Developing cost

Turning your ideas into web design doesn’t come free of cost. You should invest to build a quality website. The budget may vary according to companies. May it be a start-up company or a well-established giant organization, the development cost varies. Needless to say, maintaining the website itself is the other task to be taken care of. So, to reduce the maintenance cost, you can always prefer open source technologies which can be upgraded and modified without any limitations.

Be realistic in choosing your right front end technology for your website. Have an eye on both the pros and cons of the technology you have chosen. Never settle without analyzing in-depth about the technology because the wrong choice in technology stack will make your website design a failure. Work with the top-notch developers who can explore the requirements of the user handling the website and design according to their needs.

I hope this article has given some light to make a decision in choosing the best front end technology for the website. Buckle up and kick start to design a website which can accelerate your business.

Iyappan Kalimuthu
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