How To Get A Higher Ad Position In Google Ads

Ad Position In Google Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the best way to drive more revenue to your business from the first day. Most of the people forget about optimizing the keyword for quality score. The most important key factor is to understand the quality score which greatly influences the cost and performance of the campaigns. 

So, what is Ad Position? 

Simple, it’s the order of your ad in the search engine paid results when compared to your competitors. Reaching better ad positions can make a bigger impact on the results of your marketing campaign, it is a simple process but there is a lot to attain it.

Ad Rank is the value that determines the ad position in the search results. So if you have lower Ad rank, then you may be at a bigger loss. Even a small change in your Ad rank can bring more visibility, clicks and revenue to your business. The main components that Google take into account are the bid amount and quality score.

Finally, are you exhausted by dealing with both lower ad rank and a very tight budget? Come, I’ll show you everything that you need to know about the metric to get a higher ad position through this post. Once you are familiar with the quality scores, then you’ll get much higher chances to loot profit using Google Ads.

Here are some of the most beneficial approaches to enhance your ad rank 

  • Optimize for Quality score
  • Ad rank formula
  • Employ Keyword from search terms with a high-quality score
  • Spice up Ad relevancy
  • Use Keyword tools to discover new keywords that enhance the quality score
  • Make a user-friendly and SEO friendly website to improve your campaign
  • Incorporate chief keywords in the Meta tags

Here is the most significant part:

Ad rank usually works out whenever your ad is appropriate and competes in an auction, which means that the ad location will fluctuate based on the competition, perspective of the search and the ad quality. So, here are some of the actionable strategies to dive in.

Landing Page Optimization for Quality Score

Landing Page Optimization for Quality Score
  • Whether it is a single landing page or a custom one for each ad, the page must be relevant to the ads. 
  • Be relevant in ads as no one wants to spend more money on clicks, so focus highly on developing more relevant ads. 
  • Be sure that your website’s landing page loads quickly within 3 seconds as it not only affects your quality score but also SEO. 
  • Besides, your website needs to have easy to navigate option as it would be helpful for users to find loads of information. 
  • Apart from this, if your landing page is not associated with your website then get ready for that as it will help users to get more information about you. 
  • Simultaneously, associate with your social media accounts.
  • Consider using the landing page elements like dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) for the stuff that are intimately correlated.

For Google – Searcher’s Experience means Everything

The highest quality search and ad result will make the users completely satisfied, so always be accessible for the users to attain you. For identifying the user experience, Google turns on the metrics to estimate the click-through rate (CTR). The primary thought is while clicking the ad, somebody must find relevant and interesting.

Here are some of the CTR factors that enhance the quality score.

  • The keyword-rich headline to appeal the potential customer
  • Feature-rich description to make it little more impressive
  • Relevant display URL to attract extra attention
  • Specific keywords to target the specific customers

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Success begins with a Well-Structured Ad Group

Both relevance and explicitness begin with more specific Ad groups. It’s another crucial component for acquiring success in ad ranking. Hear, if your ad group is not explicit to your domain then your CTR will underperform. To avail the complete benefits from the ad group, then just be more specific in ad groups. Also, form unique proposals for all advertisements which will aid you in getting better result.

Now you would have known about how Ad rank works and the proven strategies to enhance the ad position.

By using the above tactics, you can boost your quality score and increase your exposure to the specific audience at a lower cost.

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