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Website design is a process of creating websites and maintaining them by using a wide variety of disciplines and skills. It might either be the design of a whole website or only a specific webpage layout. It holds various subdivisions including SEO (search engine optimization), user experience design, authoring, interface design, and graphic design. Some of the software used for the design of websites includes Bootstrap, Google web designer, mobilize, and Adobe dream weaver and so on.

List of commonly used languages in web designing:

  • JavaScript for programming
  • HTML or DHTML (Dynamic HTML) for structure creations
  • Cascading style sheets
  • CSS for the purpose of making presentations.

Reasons to go for web design:

The primary purpose of web design is to make a particular website to be visually clear and easily accessible by the users. Successful design depends on various aspects like perfect user interface, images, and layouts. A good designer should utilize a variety of texts, images, fonts, colors, styles, contents and interactive elements in his design, in order to make it effective.

A highly secure job option with enhanced growth opportunities is the career in web designing. It has an immense future scope with promising career chances for an individual. Off course, a web designer can be able to get a decent pay all throughout his career.

An overview of web designing courses:

Web designing courses cover all the steps needed to complete a web design project. They are normally available at various levels including Masters, PG, and even Diploma level. The duration for completing any type of certification course (diploma) in web designing is only from six to 12 months and not more than that.

Apart from the certification courses, if an applicant wishes to complete a course in Masters or PG level, then he needs to spend an extra one year time (totally one to two years). Anyone, who have a strong passion in the field of web designing can apply for the web designing courses in Chennai and make use of them. The only requirement for learning a web designing course is that the person must be computer – savvy along with a qualification of the 12th pass.

The following are some of the job possibilities for a person after completing the web designing courses:

  • Games developing
  • Specialist in SEO and multimedia
  • Designer and analyst in UX
  • Apps developing
  • Specialist and programmer in multimedia and
  • Managing website contents and so on.

Recommended training centers for web designing courses:

The beginners, who want to shape their career in web designing normally, have confusions in taking the best courses. The following are some of the best environments offering web designing services for beginners:

Courseinn Academy:

It is an online web designing tutorial provider with a lot of programming basics for beginners. It is a browser supported environment with exclusive development strategies. It trains its users about both front end (CSS, HTML) and back end (Python, Ruby on Rails) codes.

Open courseware MIT:

It provides abundant self learning courses related to web designing. It finds its root from MIT of the United States and covers topics like programming, computer engineering, mathematics and development.

Softlogic System:

It is a web browser based application that belongs to the Firefox developer network. It contains a wide variety of topics right from the basic intros to the performance, optimization, vocabulary and front end languages.


It is the same as that of MIT open courseware. The users of this platform are authorized to take online courses from renowned worldwide universities at free of cost.

Credo Systems:

Though it has a little bit lagging and challenging interface for beginners, it is somewhat efficient. Google was the first to introduce this site with a wide range of tutorials and articles. It was designed not only for beginners but also for the advanced developers in web designing.

Khan Academy:

It offers self – guided tutorials with huge expertise in web designing. The tutorials available here are in the form of audios and videos.


Beginners are highly excited in using this platform since it makes them familiar with all sorts of programming algorithms.

In addition to the above mentioned online self-learning environments, the applicants can also select the web designing training in Chennai for creating a web designing career. But the fact is that they should prefer the highly prioritized institutes, in order to make themselves efficient and strong.

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